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Greg's Boxster Hacks

I'm fully aware that some of these hacks have all been documented quite well by others, but I feel there is always room for yet another way to hack your Boxster. I'm also a big fan of pictures, so if you're thinking of doing one of these hacks yourself, but don't feel comfortable messing with your Boxster, these pictures will show you exactly what you should see as you do it.

If you're apprehensive about doing these hacks, don't be. If I can do them, anybody can. Of course, standard disclaimers apply: I am not responsible for any damage to you or your car if you should perform any of these hacks. Perform these or any hacks carefully and at your own risk.

Currently documented hacks:
Porsche Baby Seat Porsche Baby Seat
Can you have a baby seat in a Boxster? Sure, but you will pay through the nose for it.
Viewed: 43,598 times.
Goofy Horn Crest Goofy Horn Crest
The world's easiest hack. Looks ok but is it safe to leave on???
Viewed: 6,856 times.
Rear Speaker Installation Rear Speaker Installation
This hack allows you to install rear speakers in the Boxster very inexpensively. The improvement in the sound is surprisingly dramatic!
Viewed: 14,882 times.
Valentine-1 permanent power installation Valentine-1 permanent power installation
These are step by step instructions for installing a permanent power cord for your Valentine-1 Boxster. My car is a 1999 model with the 4 conductor unused plug inside the console. All 1997 and some 1998 models have a 3 conductor plug. Your best bet is to consult one of the other instructions available for specifics of that installation.
Viewed: 11,946 times.
Garage door opener installation Garage door opener installation
In this hack I'm installing a two button Genie IntelliCode garage door opener. I haven't yet connected it to the car's 12V power, but that's not a big deal as the battery lasts quite some time and is still pretty easy to get to in case it need replacement.

I've since hooked up the power to it so someday I'll document how I did that.
Viewed: 13,327 times.

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Greg's Boxster - Hacks
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Bob Barrett
06-Apr-2009 13:02
Need to know how to remove the padding on the boxster rollbar to install new clips for the wind deflector. does the padding just snap out and then back in?
19-Jun-2006 10:20
Hello! Nice write up on the garage door hack. I put a link up to it on our forums at porschesite.com. Great job!
30-Jan-2006 19:04
Your Garage door hack is great thanks for the great info.  I think I will do the rear speaker hack next.  Thanks agan.

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