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Hack: Rear Speakers

I'm still working on this page, so please be careful. I am not responsible for any problems you experience as a result of trying to do anything described here.

This hack is to allow the addition of rear speakers in a Boxster. It blows my mind that Porsche didn't include rear speakers as standard, but I had to have them.

After unsuccessfully trying to put 5.25" speakers in the rear storage compartment, I ended up putting the speakers in my 911 and removing the storage compartment. I finally ended up going with another fellow Boxster owner's suggestion of just getting some inexpensive speakers that will just sit on the back panel. I ended up picking up a pair of 3-way speakers from Radio Shack on sale for $15 (normally $30) and wiring it up. They sound remarkably good. Most of the sound still comes from the MB Quart speakers I put in the front, but the rears really fill out the sound.

There are great instructions on how to do this already on the Boxster Hacks board, but I have yet to see any pictures posted. I'm not installing mine any different than they are, I just hope these pictures make the process easier for you. For your reference the two most useful posts are:

Before proceeding, you will need the following:

Becker Automotive can be reached at 201-327-3434.

How to to it:

Step 1: Make sure you read the other posts metioned above first, I'm going to leave out some details that the other posts go into more fully. Once you get all your parts, use the tool to remove your radio. Make sure you have your radio code handy because you also need to disconnect the cables on the back of the radio. Don't pull on the radio too hard as the wires attached to it are VERY short. Detach the radio and put it on an appropriate work area.

Step 1: Radio removal tools.
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Step 1: Face panel off.
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Step 1: Radio pulled out.
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Step 2: Take the harness plug you got from Becker, and using the wiring diagram printed on the top of the radio, solder the wires to your speaker wire. Once you're done, properly insulate the wires heat shrink tubing, or electrical tape if you don't have the tubing handy. Cut the speaker wire to about 6' and run the end through the hole where the stereo used to be. The easiest way I found to run it is to run it down the right side of the hole. You should pop out the passenger side center console panel so you can watch for the wire and pull it through.

Step 2: Chart printed on the stereo.
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Step 2: Wiring under the dash.
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Step 3: I then ran the wires along the passenger side of the center console. Here you can see the wires, but they can be pushed up under the plastic parts so they will be completely invisible. Run the wires between the padded sections behind the seat and run then up the far right side. Remove the storage panel and run the wires through the holes where the storage compartment used to latch to.

Step 3: The wire running along the console.
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Step 3: The wire going into the rear insulation.
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Step 4: Position the spakers on the rear panel where they don't hit anything. They will bounce back there, so make sure they are far enough away from any hard surfaces to not rattle. Stick the hooks of the Velcro to the bottom of the speaker, and the loops to the carpeting. Since my interior is black, the velcro is barely visible when the speakers are removed. Cut the speaker wires so they're the right length, strip the ends and plug into the speakers and enjoy!

Step 4: View from the cabin.
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Step 4: View from the back.
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Tony 1998 Boxter
07-Apr-2011 11:33
Speaker Insalll is now finished. I used the Pioneer TS-X200's speakers. Further recommendations: 1. The speakers come with plenty of wire llenth, so next time i would use that wire and buy the small female spade connectors to clip on to the back of the radio "B" connector terminals jacks (saving $60!).. The radio and the radio owners manual both have the wiring diagram printed, so you can't mess up the correct connection (the two on each end of the connector jack). You do need the radio remove tool. I used velcro to mount the speakers like the Hack Man. So far so good, and the speakers crank very loud and clear, no amp needed back there.. Negative thing:: you lose some storage space; you have to pull the speakers out before you can remove the rear enigne cover, etc. Hope this helps someone like me: a  poor guy wiht lots of cheap upgrade experience who is tired of old american car hot rods and evolved into the beauty and challenge of a higher level of automobile.
08-Mar-2011 17:09
Hi Hacker,
Great idea. I'm in the process of installing now. I have the tool, the radio out and speakers coming in the mail. To note: Becker sent me the connector along with about six feet of 4-wire wiring harness sealed in black plastic sheath. I think you mentioned that you only have the brown connector and purchsed you own speaker wire? Hope this speaker wire is the right gage.  Also I have an amp under the fron hood, but i guess i won't be able to use it and will have to run direct off the radio. What do you think?

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