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Dive Computer Software Head-to-head Comparison

One of the things I enjoy about diving is relaxing and reviewing my dive. Besides being an important piece of safety equipment, most diving computers also have the ability to download data about previous dives for review on a PC.

This comparison is less a comparison between dive computers, but a comparison of the information you can download from the computer to a PC and how user friendly the associated software is. The following is a link to the Scuba Diving magazine review of dive computers:

I'm just getting started here, so I welcome and encourage feedback from anyone who downloads dive data to their computers. Please send me your feelings about the software, screen shots, comments on this page, etc. to greg@gulik.org This page will improve more quickly with your feedback on the site and dive computer software you've used. The information is not displayed in any particular order.

I'm pretty much only updating it as I receive information from other people so please don't hesitate and send more information.

Feature Citizen Oceanic 1 Uwatec Cochran Suunto
Date/Time 2
Bottom Time
Maximum Depth
Average Depth
Minimum Temp
Depth vs. Time Chart 3
Sampling Rate 60 sec. 10 ft. 4 20 secs. 1 - 15 secs. 10, 20, 30, 60 secs.
Tissue Loading
Show Lockout
Features Limitations Interface Platform Company
Sample Screen
Aqualand Graph Ver.1.02e
Since this is a fancy dive watch and not a dive computer, it doesn't track any nitrogen or oxygen tissue loading information. It does however track the following:
  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Depth and Temp vs Time Graph
  • No tissue loading info at all. Serial Win 3.1, 95, 98
    Mac, Pilot & Psion thru 3rd party software
    Data Plus
    DataPlus v2.01
    Manufactured by Pelagic who also makes an identical computer for other brands.
    Tracks most of the important info:
  • Bottom Time
  • Surface Interval
  • Ascent Rate
  • Max Depth
  • Min Temp
  • Battery Status
  • Tissue Loading Bar Graph
  • Oxygen Accumulation Bar Graph
  • Decompression Info
  • Violations shown in different color
  • Date/Time has to be entered by hand
  • Download takes 4 minutes and a cumbersome process must be followed to load in the data
  • Must use Win98 software from web site to work on Win95
  • Samples are taken any time you go up or down 10ft
  • Parallel Win 3.1, 95, 98 Oceanic USA
    All Aladin Computers
    Data Trak v2.12
    Pretty much anything you need and then some:
  • Surface Interval
  • Max Depth
  • Min Temp
  • Dive Time
  • Air Consumption
  • Graph of Depth vs Time including alerts
  • Tissue Loading Data
  • Physiological Data (breathing rate, heart rate, etc.)
  • Dive Computer Simulation
  • None I can find. Serial Win 3.1, 95, 98 Uwatec
    Analyst for Windows
    Everything the Aladin does and much more:
  • Ceiling info
  • Water Conductivity (salt vs. fresh water)
  • Ascent rates
  • Breathing Parameters (max/avg/min breathing rates)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Tank Pressure
  • ..and much more
  • None I can find. Serial Win 95, 98 Cochran
    Vyper, Spyder, Eon, Solution Alpha, Solution Nitrox and Solution Vario, Solution
    Dive Manager v1.0
  • Configurable dive graph
  • Tissue Saturation info
  • ???? ???? Win95, Win98, NT3.5 & NT4 Suunto Computers

    Speacial Notes:
    1. Oceanic computers are made by Pelagic, who also manufactures nearly identical computers sold under several other brands. As far as I have been able to determine, all the PC software is identical as well.
    2. The Oceanic computers don't have any time/date features built in. The date and start of dive time must be manually entered after the data is downloaded.
    3. The chart is there, but the barely useful. See the screenshot below.
    4. Instead of taking a sample every so many seconds, the Oceanics computers seem to take a sample any time the depth changes by 10ft.