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Quick Linux Tips

This is just a place to keep some misc stuff about Linux...

Fedora Tips & Tricks
(11/9/12) Fedora 9 Tips and Tricks - Still working on it but so far this is just an evolution of the F7 version. Your comments and feedback are deeply appreciated.
Viewed: 66,682 times.

(11/9/12) Fedora 8 Tips and Tricks - Still working on it but so far this is just an evolution of the F7 version. Your comments and feedback are deeply appreciated.
Viewed: 146,339 times.

(11/9/12) Fedora 7 Tips and Tricks - This page is pretty much complete and in maintenance only mode since Fedora 8 is now out.
Viewed: 187,124 times.

(11/9/12) Fedora Core 6 Tips and Tricks - The FC6 version of this page is pretty much complete since FC7 is already out.
Viewed: 296,490 times.

Laptop Linux Guides
(11/9/12) Installing FC6 on a Sony Vaio FJ Series - Just getting started on this section. Like most laptops they get easier with each release but this one still has some "issues".
Viewed: 11,393 times.

(11/9/12) Installing Fedora Core 6 on Compaq Presario R3000Z - Just getting started here. It's certainly getting easier with every release of Fedora and with Core 6 it's even easier than FC5.
Viewed: 20,423 times.

(11/9/12) Installing FC5 on a Sony Vaio FJ Series - This sections is pretty much complete. This is not an easy laptop to get Linux working on but it can be done with most features working well.
Viewed: 21,530 times.

(11/9/12) Installing Fedora Core 5 on Compaq Presario R3000Z - This section is pretty complete. It's certainly getting easier with every release of Fedora and with Core 5 it's nearly trivial.
Viewed: 19,307 times.

Special Linux Features
(11/9/12) Suunto Dive Manager on Linux - It is possible to get the Suunto Dive Manager running successfully under Linux using Wine.
Viewed: 10,672 times.

(11/9/12) Internet Explorer w/ActiveX on Linux - You CAN run use Windows only websites that require ActiveX under Linux. It's actually pretty easy and works well for those times it's absolutely necessary.
Viewed: 97,046 times.

(11/9/12) Managing RAID and LVM with Linux - Just getting started on this section. I've been messing with both RAID and LVM under Linux for a while and these are my notes.
Viewed: 501,563 times.

(11/9/12) Protect SSH From Hackers - Protect your Internet accessible Linux system from hackers trying to probe for easily guessed passwords.
Viewed: 71,132 times.

(11/9/12) Network Backup Using Large Drive in External Enclosure - Documenting my backup scheme using a large IDE hard drive in an external USB 2.0 enclosure.
Viewed: 19,029 times.

(11/9/12) Installing Fedora Linux on Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103 - A cheap laptop that can be made to run Linux well, with a little work..
Viewed: 18,942 times.

Old and No Longer Updated
(11/9/12) Fedora Core 4 Tips and Tricks - Pretty complete at this point but comments and suggestions always welcome.
Viewed: 629,485 times.

(11/9/12) Installing FC4 on a Sony Vaio FJ Series - It's about as complete as it's going to get. This is not an easy laptop to get Linux working on but it can be done with most features working well.
Viewed: 36,464 times.

(11/9/12) Fedora Core 1 Tips and Tricks - A list of common tips and tricks that every new Fedora user should know and use.
Viewed: 39,308 times.

(11/9/12) Software Suspend on Toshiba 1115-S103 - I've pretty much given up on Software Suspend for the time being. Since this laptop doesn't have any BIOS supported suspend mode I experimented with the experimental Sofware Suspend module for current Linux kernels. I've had some luck with it but it's not quite perfect yet.
Viewed: 9,257 times.

(11/9/12) Review of Walmart Microtel PC - My dad wanted a new PC so I decided to give him one of the Windows-free PCs from Walmart a try. This model comes pre-loaded with a version of Linux called Lycoris and so far so good.
Viewed: 5,937 times.

(11/9/12) Installing Red Hat 9 Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103 - A cheap laptop that can be made to run Linux well, with a little work..
Viewed: 12,812 times.

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Quick Linux Tips
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31-Jul-2011 19:41
i hv installed fedora 8 on my dell inspiron n5030,
as another os by booting so please tell me about how to connect internet on fedora through mobile connections by usb n bluetooth,
if its possible otherwise,
tell me about another source to  connect internet on fedora
22-Mar-2011 21:46
please guide me to upgrade my linux fedora core 2 to fedora 8 or latest 14.
Somnath Rout
10-Mar-2009 06:10

I am using RHEL 5, I unable to install  Transmission torrent cleint in my system.

Can any one plz help me to install the same.

14-May-2008 10:04
I just tested the steps for Fedora 8 Tips on Fedora 9. Didnt have any issues, seems like the functionality is basically the same as far as install goes. And thanks for the awesome steps. Kept me from having to hunt all this stuff down. LOL
mukesh patidar
25-Jan-2008 00:19
how can use linux proper & esey pls tell me
04-Dec-2007 15:20
Very Nice Full Of Guide Pages!

I've success upgrading previous F7 -> F8 following your simple step.

I've been use it for 3 days until find out my xine had no sound after second time of running it. After restart my pc, the sound available. But after I quit the program & run it again, theres no sound again. I try to remove and install back all the related codec including xine but it becoming worst when suddenly xine self quit in the beginning of playing any dvd.

Now I had to start over reinstalling F7 from scratch. Wish me luck on upgrading via yum to F8 for the 2nd time.

I'm new to fedora & perhaps somebody can guide me what cause the conflict.

Thanx all.
23-Jul-2007 20:57
     wonderfull colleection dude

   hey ihave a problem..........i have installed mplayer on my fedora 6 linux os
but i am unable to find the player any where in applications or some other place....but i am able to play it on my terminal using command  mplayer filename..

 can u help me dude
Jay Sweden
04-Jul-2007 11:51

Nuttin much to say really.

Had some nice help from you though!
29-Jun-2007 00:49
man thanks for putting up this great site. Its the third time i am installing Fedora and u make it sooo easy.
Just Cut and Paste
Thanks once again
10-Jun-2007 09:12
Hello all.  I am a newbee.  I am trying to get my Linksys WPC54G wireless card to work under fedora 7, Can anyone send me a step by step solution to get this problem? If possable can it be installed under the terminal?  Also  can anyone tell me if there is a wireless card I can buy that will work great under fedora 7?  I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.
30-May-2007 05:08
friends ,,i have a notebook hp compaq v3201 tu ,,am still working with wireless and modem under linux FC6 32bit ,but is so hard to find the driver ,is there any website that can  help me ,so i can use the wireless and modem ??
10-Jan-2007 12:09
Man, thanks for this site. It is the only one I could find tht got the Flash working properly under FC6 with X86_64. Many thanks!

Pierre Stander
10-Dec-2006 19:12
Man, your site was great for me, you help me a lot.
John Verderber
10-Sep-2006 06:01
Just a note. You are a god!!! The fedora tips and tircks site is awesome. I can't tell you how many hassels you have saved me. Thank you very much.

John Verderber
Sacramento, CA
Kevin Z
20-Jul-2006 17:09
I'm totally new to Linux but i have Knoppix STD I don't know if it makes a difference but I need help setting up my wireless conection to surf the web in linux. I could use some help. I'm using a HP Pavillion zv5000. Nothing Fancy But it works.
13-Jul-2006 23:11

I would like to know hot to Install & Configure Ldap Server usin Fedora 5.0. Kindly guide me if any body has clue in it.


Bill Martin
05-Jul-2006 20:53
I have been keeping a linux installs on my home network for over six years now, and this is the first time I have chanced across your web site... excellent information... many thanks
05-Jun-2006 07:35
Hey, just wanted to tell you, Ive been using your site for every install of fedora I have done since Core 3. Love your site. Always on the money. Keep it up.
12-May-2006 11:51
Very usefull!Very nice of you. Keep it up!
And goodluck!
01-May-2006 22:54
How to Installation of oracle RDBMS 9.2 on
Red Hat Linux advanced server
05-Apr-2006 21:40
i just installed MPlayer on my fedora core 5... great site! Thanks!
14-Feb-2006 22:50
I had problems getting RealPlayer 10 to work on a newly installed FC4 and used your install instructions to fix my problem.  Thanks.  Unfortunately, the RealPlayer site failed to mention downloading the lib package prior to running the RealPlayer10GOLD.rpm - Thanks again - awesome site!
11-Dec-2005 23:29
Your tips (Fedora 4) saved me a lot of time!
Thank you!
Will you please, include tips how to install TrueCrypt 4.1(www.truecrypt.com) on Fedora 4?
Thank you in advance!
Good luck in your trips!
Keshav Deshpande
29-Oct-2005 09:35
Great set of pages for Linux newbies (currently running FC3). I am burning the FC4 ISO's right now and will definitely return for the FC4 tips.

Keep up the good (nay, great) work.
30-Sep-2005 02:25
should give to url too :(

30-Sep-2005 02:24

1.) Have a look at this driver for xt2/ext3 support in win nt
2.) you could set up a samba server to share filespace/printer with windows

/ ragnar /
06-Aug-2005 13:17
how can i make my windows box see my linux box
Also how can i my a linux server w/o it being a web server
12-Apr-2005 14:45
FC4 Test 2 released yesterday - do you have plans to start up a section for this too?

Yes, once FC4 is released I will put together a FC4 version of my tips page.  Spare time is at a premium these days so please be patient
18-Mar-2005 10:20
FC4 Test 1 released yesterday - do you have plans to start up a section for this too?
08-Feb-2005 13:36
upgraded to fedora3 from redhat so a few new things to learn - using yum with freshrpms, and managed to get mplayer.

thanks for the tips!!
06-Feb-2005 17:19
You my friend are the man. I have been beating my head in over this stupid nvidia driver. I followed your instructions and was done in 15 mins. Keep up the awesome work
04-Feb-2005 07:25
great stuff on fc3 istallation tips & trix. open minded... :-)
22-Jan-2005 03:35
Thanks for Fedora 3 Tips 'n' Tricks!
Rakesh D
11-Jan-2005 07:46
It is realy good help line for linux user specialy newbies :d
30-Dec-2004 08:19
good stuff you got going here..    you're book-marked now.  I'll be back
sean bruyn
01-Sep-2004 20:47
I thank you for this site, very usefull. I will continue to visit. I am using Fedora Core 2 and just changed over to kde desktop.
Still looking for versatile dvd player that is easy to install.
Have a  good day and keep smilling!
22-Aug-2004 10:03
More thanks for the Fedora Core 2 tips.  The up2date and audio suggestions have been especially helpful!
07-Aug-2004 11:30
Long-time Debian user sends thanks for Fedora 2 Tips 'n' Tricks.
25-Jul-2004 16:44
Thanks you resolv many problems .
22-Jul-2004 21:33
Nice collection - really like the Fedora 2 tips.  Keep it up.