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2013 Tesla Model S

My SECOND electric car.

I was thinking of getting rid of my old Volvo and I wanted to get something a lot more interesting. I've been watching Tesla ever since the release of the Roadster and always said that if they release a practical sedan I would not hesitate to get one. Well, they did and although it's a bit on the pricey side the looks and specs were amazing.

On a whim I put in my deposit through the website expecting it'll take months if not a year to get delivery. I got a phone call from Tesla a few days later asking me to finalize my colors and options in the next couple weeks because delivery will be in only about 2-3 months! So the next available Saturday I scheduled a test drive at a nearby showroom.

I started by playing with the car sitting on the showroom floor. I was impressed with the huge touchscreen, the browser even works as a real browser. Then we went to the garage to do the test drive. I drove out of the garage and was amazed by how completely silent the car was. I have owned some fast cars in the past so I'm used to speed but the first time I pulled onto the street and floored it I said "Whoa!" The rest of the test drive was amazing. She had us go to this empty side road where we could try out the 0-60 acceleration and braking. Impressive all around.

Then we discussed options and reviewed colors and a few days later I finalized my order. I had originally ordered the 60kWh battery but after having owned the LEAF a few days I realized that was silly and that the biggest battery is the only way to go. I contacted my rep and he was able to revise my order with the larger battery. He said it would delay my delivery approx. a week but I thought that was well worth it.

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