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The Gulik Vacation '97

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Hong Kong, China

The famous Lippo building. This company is at the center of that big Clinton fund raising scandal.
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Typical street vendor in Hong Kong, this one selling fresh fish. Housewives often shop twice a day. Chinese almost never eat anything that's been frozen.
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Lily poses in her famous 'That Girl' pose in a typical Hong Kong street.
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Another typical sight in Hong Kong, a BIG Mercedes and a Rolls. Hong Kong has more Rolls per capita than any other city in the world. Walk around for 5 minutes, you'll see MANY.
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Lily doing what Lily does most. Shopping!!!
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Lily's getting to know the local law enforcement.
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The hazy Hong Kong Island skyline taken from the Kowloon side of the bay.
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I'll have a Shogun Burger please.
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Guangzhoushi (Canton), China

The tallest building in Guangzhoushi by far, 80 stories tall. I didn't catch the name.
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The famous Ling Ling the Panda at the Canton Zoo. She sleeps over 20 hours a day. Can you see her?
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The Six Banyan Tree Temple (1985). The first Budhist temple to be built in Canton since China allowed religion again.
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Lily approaching the female Buddha, where Cantonese women go to pray for a child, specifically a son.
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Dr. Sun Yat Sen's memorial. He is the father of modern China. He liberated China from the Emperor in 1911.
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Outside the Dr. Sun Yat Sen's memorial is a statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.
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A pre-school between Hong Kong and Canton. We were shown this by our tour guide as an example of how China is changing. Too bad this is still very rare and only the really wealthy can afford to send their children to schools like this.
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Turtle soup? We were taken to market in a residential part of Guangzou where you can buy just about anything, alive!
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Fresh fish! So fresh the hearts are still beating!
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Lily and I are posing in front of the Terra Cotta Warriors museum. This museum contains originals and replicas of the Terra Cotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty found in Shaanxi, China.
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Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's chefs are famous for their fruit carvings. These used to be watermelons. Can you make out the 'Good Morning' in the middle one?
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The Thai army protects the old Royal Palace. The three Budhist temples in Ceylon, Thai and Cambodian styles are in the background. Yes, they are covered in gold.
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A very large mural in the Royal temple tells the life story of the Buddha. I don't know how big the mural is, but it goes on forever.
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A mythical figure that protects the royal palace.
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A large gilded supa. A stupa is where the ashes of an important dead person are stored. In this case it's probably someone from the royal family.
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The Temple of the Emerald Budda. Inside this building a a very valuable 2 foot high statue of the Budda made out of one solid piece of the finest Jade. The Budda wears different 24 karat gold cloaks depending on the season.
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Our guide explains to us that the tiny pieces on this piece are actually from a set of porcelain dishes sent to the king that was damaged in transit. He then had the little pieces used to adorn some of the buildings around the palace.
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One of the buildings that make up the palace. Notice the different style of architecture that is used on each floor.
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The Golden Buddah. It is solid 24K gold! It was lost for centuries until a monk noticed gold under a crumbling old cement Buddah. Someone had hidden it to keep it from being stolen by invaders.
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The Reclining Buddah. Yes, it's big!
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The feet of the Reclining Buddah are inlaid with Mother of Pearl.
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We are about to take a pleasant ride through hot smelly Bangkok in a Tuk Tuk! It is named after the noise it makes.
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Alright! A cockfight! Cockfighting is a very popular 'sport' in Thailand.
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Pet my monkey! These monkeys are very popular in rural Thailand as they can be tought to harvest cocoanuts.
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Thus spake the Buddhist Monk, 'I eat one meal a day, you eat many meals a day.' Me, 'Hey!'
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The Thai longboat. The back part is basically a truck engine, no muffler, several foot long drive shaft, and a very sharp unprotected propeller at the end.
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The floating market in rural Thailand outside of Bangkok at rush hour. Here the locals fill their boats with whatever they produce, and trade and sell among each other and those on the shore.
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These women at the floating market prepare hot snacks. All you need is a boat, a wok and a propane tank.
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Chang Mai, Thailand

A Thailand 'factory'. There are many such factories where hand made products are made and sold in a store next door. In this case, this woman is taking bronzeware out of molds and cutting off the rough edges.
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Same bronzeware factory. This guy is watching the molten bronze pour into molds. Safety equipment? Who needs safety equipment?
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Street vendor selling LIVE crickets. Yummy!
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More street vendors selling vegetables and frogs.
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Chang Mai has a bustling night maket, where you can buy fake Gucci, Cartier, Fendi, and of course a quick snack of banana pancakes made right in front of you on the street. And the best part, they are about US$0.20!!
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Another night market street vendor making Thai sausage. We don't recommend the Thai Sausage.
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Chang Rai, Thailand

Here Lily is talking to our guide and some local children in traditional dress.
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Here we are at the Golden Triangle, on a hill with some children dressed in native hill tribe attire. You can see Myanmar to the left and Laos to the right. China is also just up the river a couple hundred miles.
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If you don't know where the Golden Triangle is, here is a map. Golden Triange, the area near Chang Rai, Thailand where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (formerly Burma) meet. It's called the golden triangle because Opium is heavily traded (for gold) in this area.
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The scenery near our hotel. Below you see the trail we are about to go mountain biking on. I hope those Chinese mountain bikes come in my size!
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Huge snakes guard the enterance into a Wat at the top of a hill overlooking the Golden Triangle.
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The House of Opium. Yes, the Opium trade has created a bustling tourist area of which the highlight is the Opium museum.
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View from the restaurant at our hotel. The buildings are an abandoned resort project in Myanmar, and past the river is Laos.
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Lily nearly falling off the bike path and into the river. Luckily the Bamboo trees broke her fall.
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We saw a family harvesting rice so we asked our tour guide to show us around.
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Here the entire extended family is out harvesting their farm. Most people in this region have a family farm where they grow enough rice for a whole year and usually have enough to sell at market as well.
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I always enjoy seeing other countries currency. This bill is a 25 Kyat note from the Union of Myanmar.
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This bill is a 50 Bhat note from Thailand.
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The Gulik Vacation '97 : Hong Kong and Thailand
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29-Nov-2007 00:03
It is wrong in your comments ---
"Dr. Sun Yat Sen's memorial. He is the father of modern China. He liberated China from the Emperor in 1917"

The right year is 1911.

I like your vacation, China & Egypt & ...

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