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Sea Fever : Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas : Trip Report
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Shore Excursions

During the course of the trip we had a couple opportunities to get off the boat and enjoy some solid ground. We made a couple stops on the islands in the Cay Sal Bank to check out the old Lighthouse on Elbow Key as well as a quick out of water experience in Muertos Cay. On the way back we had a little over an hour to walk around Bimini.

Elbow Cay, Bahamas

This shore excursion was to the only island in Cay Cal Bank that was EVER inhabited. Many years ago the Bahamanians set up a lighthouse and a small settlement to warn passing ships of the low lying rocks. The lighthouse was quite deteriorated and impossible to climb. The only inhabitants of the island now are several species of birds, crickets and some Fuzzy Chiton.

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Instead of going ashore Melanie and Laura kayaked around the island.
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Lily climbing the hill to the lighthouse.
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The stairs inside were completely gone.
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Lily and I pose outside one of the other buildings.
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The Marks pose while Lily checks the basement for bodies.
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Hey, I think there's a skeleton down there!
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One of the birds that were constantly flying over head.
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Another dead animal picture for Ling. This is exactly how I found it.
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Mark poses near the cactus-like vegetation.
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David, Bob and Rosemary hanging out.
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Get us off this crazy rock!
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Oooh, there are Fuzzy Chitons near the water line.
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Gotta get a picture.
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Oops, here comes Todd.
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Muertos Cay, Bahamas

This small island was cool because there is are two underwater tunnels that you use to get to a pool in the middle of the island. We had Todd drop us off outside one of the holes and we then swam through to the pool. We dragged ourselves and our gear out of the water and walked around the island a little. The only thing nice about the island was a nice beach on the other side.

After a short time there we made our way back into the pool and exited through the other tunnel. We then slowly made our way back to the boat underwater.

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We're swimming through the large tunnel into the center of the island.
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Funny how Mark's head looks so small compared the his body.
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We all strolled to the nice beach on the other side of the small island.
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We've all got the Sea Fever.
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Ooops, someone's gear is slowly floating away.
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Mark working his way back down to the water.
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Laura and Tony walking over to the edge to find a mask that fell in.
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Bimini, Bahamas

On the way back we needed to stop by Bimini again to check in with immigration. Captain Tom agreed to let us have 1 hour in Bimini as soon as we were clear. An hour was plenty of time.

One of the points of interest in Bimini is The Angler, where Ernest Hemingway hung out for a while. It's now a small hotel, bar and museum. Closer to the dock was the flea market where you will find the usual overpriced tourist T-shirts and other crap. We made the short trek to the other side of the island where there was a beautiful beach. Before heading back we stopped by a small diner where we picked up some delicious Conch Fritters to take back to the boat with us. Yummy.

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On the way to Bimini we saw this brand new yacht run aground.
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We're here!
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Lily and Melanie relaxing in the shade at The Angler.
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The Angler.
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The girls posing for a picture in front of the bar.
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Four of the party of five posing for a picture.
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Menhaden Chum?
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Mark fulfilling his life long dream of being a swimsuit photographer.
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The guys pose for a picture.
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