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Cascade Mountain : Trip Report

Cascade Mountain

In preparation for our big ski trip this year we needed to practice locally. We finally made it to Cascade Mountain in Wisconsin, better than nothing. After dropping off the baby with the grandparents we drove the three hours from Chicago to Cascade. We actually stayed near Wisconsin Dells, but that's still pretty close.

Conditions were far from ideal. There has been very little natural snow this winter, as you'll see in some of the pictures below, so all the snow on the "mountain" is man made. Not the best snow to snowboard on. Fortunately it was super bowl weekend so the mountain was pretty empty, especially on Sunday.

As the snowboarders in our group are getting more comfortable with even the black diamonds on these dinky hills we thought to take the next step and try to learn tricks, such as jumps. We spent the better part of the first day trying to do jumps on the terrain park. However after some large bruises our butts we figured it couldn't hurt to take lessons.

On Sunday we signed up for a private lesson to learn jumps. Our instructor took us to a different part of the mountain that we didn't know about. There they have a mini half-pipe which has a small jump at the bottom. That was a good place to learn as both the half-pipe and jump were less intimidating, and hurt less when we fell.

Unfortunately Lily landed wrong on the last jump in the lesson and cracked her binding so she was done for the day. Mark and I continued to practice until we got tired and cold. By the end of the day we each had a couple successful jumps (aka, getting some air and NOT further bruising our asses) and we were having some fun.

The other Mark and Scott spent the day skiing wherever they wanted and laughing at us goofy snowboarders. Ling was anti-social and mostly kept to the easier runs so we barely saw her. She took the second day off as she wasn't feeling well.

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We're here!
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Scott, Mark and Mark pose by an ice bridge before a mogul run.
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The two Marks foolishly trying the moguls.
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Mark and Lily near the top. Notice the lack of snow in the background.
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Zoomed in this time with Ling.
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Ling skiing.
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Mark snowboarding.
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Lily comes to a stop near me.
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Mark contemplates the half pipe.
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Scott and the other Mark trying to stay warm.
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Lily trying the half pipe.
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Still there.
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Mark, Ling and Scott back at the lodge.
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Not sure who this is doing a jump.
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Lily attempts a jump before our lesson.
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Lily still in one piece.
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Wow, there are more runs than I remember.
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Our teenage instructor takes a break after doing a real jump.
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21-Aug-2008 09:26
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