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Norwegian Dream Cruise : Trip Report
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Reference Library

We used several books to plan this trip and many websites. We used both resources extensively after the trip to learn more about the sites we visited.


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Frommer's London 2003
We found this book invaluable during our time in London. We especially found the tear out map to be very helpful. It's a good travel book but much like the Fodor's don't expect to find much in the way of bargain dining listed.
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Fodor's London 2003
Also an excellent reference. Which is better is definitely a matter of personal preference. It's a good travel book but much like the Frommer's don't expect to find much in the way of bargain dining listed.

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Frommer's European Cruises & Ports of Call
Talk about a very specific travel book. When I saw it on the shelf I had to get it and I'm glad I did. It covers in detail all the cruise lines that do cruises in Europe as well as all the popular ports of call. Almost all of the ports of call we visited were included but because there are so many listed the descriptions were brief.
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Lonely Planet Scandinavian Europe(6th Edition)
Although we didn't spend much time in the Scandinavian countries I wanted to know as much about them as possible and this seems to be the only decent travel book to cover all the countries.

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Fodor's Moscow and St. Petersburg(4th Edition)
Since the highlight of the cruise WAS St. Petersburg we needed a book that covered it adequately. This was definitely one of the good books about the city. Plenty of history and stuff. We obviously didn't use any of the info on hotels and restaurants so I can't comment on that.
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Lonely Planet St. Petersburg(3rd Edition)
Great book that covers the city in exquisite detail. Every site we visited we always referred to this book first. The information about the background of the sites was VERY helpful.

Web Sites

Norwegian Cruise Lines
Let our agency be your guide to Norwegian. Norwegian cruise information - Ships and Amenities. Take a Cruise with Norwegian Lines today!
We didn't use Travelocity this time but this site is still a great resource for researching travel and is the travel site I most often use to book my travel. They have almost as much information about the ships as NCL's very own website.
Cruise Critic Ship Review
This is an overview of the Norwegian Dream and also includes information on upcoming itineraries.
This is a great mapping site especially for Europe. Highly recommended.
London Travel and Tourism Guide
Good website with general travel information about London.
Official Website of the British Monarchy
Of course the British Royalty has it's own propaganda, em, I mean, website. Nice history but not much content.
The British Museum
Official website of the British Museum. Great stuff because they have a lot of information about their collection.
Camelot Intl - Tower of London
Great website with information about the history of the Tower of London. I learned a lot from this one.
Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
Official website for the Hamburg Tourism board. Lots of info.
Tallin - Medieval Europe
Official website with travel information to Tallin, Estonia. Discover Midieval Europe in Estonia's Capital.
Offical tourism website for Saint Petersburg. Be sure to check out the sections on Sightseeing as well as St. Petersburg Photo Galleries.
The Great Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo
Very informitive website about Catherine's Palace. This site has pictures of almost every room in the palace.
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Official website for the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Once again a great website with photos and information about a large portion of their collection.
Peterhof - Treasures of Russia
Just about every palace has it's own official website. The Peterhof is no exception.
Helsinki Travel Guide
General travel information about Helsinki.
Sigtuna Tourism
General travel information about Sigtuna.
Stockholm - Official Visitors Guide
General travel information about Stockholm.
Vasa Museum - Vastamuseet
General travel information about Stockholm.

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