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Vizcaya Gardens : Miami, Florida 2003

While we were in Miami Beach we visited the nearby Vizcaya Gardens. Our first reaction was, what took us so long to visit? This place is great! The house is amazing, the gardens even more so, and it's just minutes from Miami Beach.

Vizcaya was built in 1916 by James Deering, a vice president of International Harvester. It was obviously built to resemble an Italian villa and was filled with real European antiques. Deering sent out teams of "buyers" to scour Europe for interesting pieces to fill it with. The property was purchased in 1952 by Miami-Dade County and is now maintained as a museum and site that can be rented for special events. As we were leaving we found workers setting up a large tent on the waterfront for an event that evening.

Photography was not allowed inside the building so you won't find any of those below but there are plenty of shots of the gardens. There are also photos from a more recent trip to Vizcaya also available on-line.

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The path to the mansion.
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Cool fountains lined the path.
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Wow, looks nice, but not that big.
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Checking out the gardens to one side.
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Looking back at the side entrance of the mansion.
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Statues also lined the garden.
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Looking back.
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The coral wall of the grotto absorbed sound.
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Another cool fountain.
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Bubbling fountain.
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A ramp to another part of the gardens.
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This looked like a boat and that's also the only way to get there.
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Looking back from the water front.
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Back at the water from the steps.
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Susan and Lily pose.
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Swimming pool on the north side of the mansion...
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..and of course a cafe and gift shop.
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More modest gardens on the north side.
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Looking back from the mansion down the drive way.
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Vizcaya Gardens : Miami, Florida 2003
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06-Mar-2006 21:26
Yes - there is a picture of inside water and pool. I have it in beautiful color of inside sea shell designs on the walls with trickling water working down through the shells - with curved steps from the pool floor into the water with rope hand-aids. There are decorated walls of stone and shells with a ceiling curved with decorative designs and wall lighting. To me- it was one of the most impressive areas of practicality that I had the good fortune of seeing.  C.C.
22-Jul-2005 18:50
One of the few tourist places I wanted to see while in Miami was the Vizcaya Gardens! It was like being in one of the beautiful gardens of Europe with all it's splendors. It is too bad that the "vizcaya"'s official site does not promote what the place is all about!
Thank you for your pictures! I was able to show my friends the beauty of the estate's gardens!
Cindy W. from CaliFornIa
26-Jun-2005 17:13
These are wonderful photo's of Vizcaya Gardens. It is quite a shame people were unable to photograph the inside grounds, but I agree with the preservation of antiquities therein.
I was in Miami on June 2005 and I loved visiting here in it's entirety, but beware of the nasty mosquitoes this time of year. It is surely infestation time and I had to literally run through the garden to photograph before becoming engulfed by these creepy crawlers. Nevertheless, a place worth seeing on your journey through Florida :).
11-Feb-2005 07:29
If you think that Vizcaya is beautiful now, you should have seen it at its full glory before hurricane Andrew hit in the early 90's.  They have done a wonderful job replanting vegetation and restoring statues, etc., but it does not even begin to compare to the way it was . . .
Rita Lewis
01-Jun-2004 11:05
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