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Brookfield Zoo : Brookfield, Illinois : Trip Report

It was mid September and a beautiful Sunday so I packed up the kids and met my sister and her kids at the Brookfield Zoo just west of Chicago for a day of educational fun.

I'm pretty sure the last time I visited this zoo was when I was a small kid. I remembered nothing so it was "new to me" too.

The highlights for us were the Kangaroos, which my daughter liked to watch hop around. She hopped like a Kangaroo herself to the next exhibit. We also liked the Giraffes. There is a viewing area just across a small "water hole" which allows for a very up close experience. We also really liked Tropic World, a very large indoor Ape and Monkey exhibit. It's divided into three main halls for South American, Asian and African species in each hall. We especially like the Gorilla area with a large viewing platform that went all around the habitat, which unfortunately seemed kind of small.

We ended the day with the Dolphin Show. We were surprised that it was both an extra charge and only a 20 minute show. We got there early to get good seats and ended up waiting far longer than the show lasted.

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Let the Adventure Begin.
Viewed: 289 times.

Fun Kangaroo in the Australia House.
Viewed: 229 times.

Sleepy sleepy Hippos.
Viewed: 208 times.

Viewed: 210 times.

Bactrian Camel.
Viewed: 204 times.

Huge Bison.
Viewed: 214 times.

Viewed: 198 times.

Reticulated Giraffe in The Savannah.
Viewed: 202 times.

We were surprised to learn that the nearest relative to the Okapi is the Giraffe.
Viewed: 213 times.

The Yellow-Backed Duikers looks like a small cow.
Viewed: 110 times.

A very furry Red River Hog.
Viewed: 119 times.

Ibez, a Siberian mountain goat.
Viewed: 122 times.

A Penguin under water.
Viewed: 142 times.

An Inca Tern in the Penguin habitat.
Viewed: 111 times.

A pair of Penguins outside.
Viewed: 175 times.

I think these are Golden Lion Tamarin.
Viewed: 177 times.

The South American primate exhibit.
Viewed: 250 times.

Obviously a very popular exhibit.
Viewed: 163 times.

A Black Rhino.
Viewed: 138 times.

African Elephant.
Viewed: 182 times.

A sleepy African Lion.
Viewed: 274 times.

The very shy Armur (aka Siberian) Tiger poking his head out.
Viewed: 201 times.

A Snow Leopard surprisingly awake in the late afternoon.
Viewed: 203 times.

The Seven Seas Dolphinarium.
Viewed: 205 times.

The trainers introduce the females.
Viewed: 186 times.

Viewed: 232 times.

I think this is one of the larger Males doing impressive tricks.
Viewed: 277 times.

A very high jump.
Viewed: 178 times.

Neat trick.
Viewed: 223 times.

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Brookfield Zoo : Brookfield, Illinois 2005
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26-Jun-2008 21:33
They may be cotton top tamarins, I'm not sure.  Definatly not Golden Lion Tamarins.  (I work at a zoo)
19-Jan-2007 07:14
Those are Geoffrey's Tamarins

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