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Magic Kingdom Disney Magic Kingdom : Orlando, Florida : Trip Report
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Hours: 9am-9pm
Tickets: Adults $59.75
Children $48.00
Children 2 and under FREE
See website for a zillion ticket options.

Disney Magic Kingdom

Princesses, princesses everywhere! We planned the trip with only a few days notice so we obviously missed out on the breakfast with the princesses, but we still got our fill of them. Besides the fact that you could swing a cat without hitting a little girl dressed like her favorite Disney princess, there were enough shows, parades and meeting the characters to have my three year old get her fill of princesses.

The highlight for her then was the Crowning of Cinderella presentation at the castle. She liked it so much she made us watch it twice. She also liked the other "classic" rides, such as Dumbo and the Magic Carpet ride. Not surprisingly they are nearly identical rides. Be careful on the Magic Carpet ride, the camels "spit".

She didn't like the Jungle boat ride, the animal noises were a little scary for her. She also refused to go on several rides such as the It's a Small World ride, I never figured out why.

Second to the Cinderalla thing, we all loved the evening fireworks show. That's one thing even the 1 year old enjoyed, or at least paid some attention to.
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Yah, finally inside the park.
Viewed: 391 times.

And there's the castle.
Viewed: 692 times.

Yes, it is a small world. We need a bigger one.
Viewed: 521 times.

Ariel's Grotto.
Viewed: 502 times.

The quaint and very dated Tomorrowland.
Viewed: 440 times.

The Magic Carpet ride looks suspiciously like the Dumbo ride.
Viewed: 504 times.

Watch out, they spit.
Viewed: 360 times.

Agrabah from the Magic Carpet ride.
Viewed: 366 times.

Our "personality free" guide on the Jungle Cruise.
Viewed: 348 times.

Animatronic snake.
Viewed: 496 times.

The Jungle Cruise "Hard Rock" cafe.
Viewed: 493 times.

Viewed: 448 times.

Animatronic Elephants frolic in the water.
Viewed: 403 times.

The Cinderella Castle.
Viewed: 465 times.

Merlin the Magician show.
Viewed: 431 times.

The Genie carries BubbleBoy (aka Aladdin) in the daily parade.
Viewed: 467 times.

The "bad guy" float.
Viewed: 388 times.

All the classic Disney favorites.
Viewed: 470 times.

My daugther's favorite, Cinderella and her Prince.
Viewed: 445 times.

The Fairy Godmother starts Cinderellabration.
Viewed: 390 times.

Cinderella's friends.
Viewed: 428 times.

Princess Jasmine and Prince Ali were among the special guests.
Viewed: 646 times.

Out comes Cinderella and the Prince.
Viewed: 465 times.

A freshly crowned Princess Cinderella.
Viewed: 457 times.

Belle Tells a story.
Viewed: 445 times.

The Magic Kingdom lit up at night.
Viewed: 399 times.

Cinderella's Castle with subtle lighting at night.
Viewed: 459 times.

The Wishes Nightime Spectacular begins.
Viewed: 455 times.

Ooh, ah.
Viewed: 460 times.

The big finish.
Viewed: 435 times.

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