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Tahoe, California: Trip Report
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This is our first ski/snowboard trip in a long time on our own and not with the Sanctuary Ski Club. We traveled with our kids this time so Sanctuary was unfortunately not an option. That said we still had a great time at the Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe. We stayed at the Embassy Suites which is only about a block from the Gondola.

The trip was in mid-March so in this area this is already Spring Skiing conditions. They had several feet of snow about a week prior to our arrival but it was already gone and packed down by the time we got there. It was also getting pretty warm during the day so the snow does get slushy in the afternoon and refreezes overnight to be icy the following morning.

The biggest difference with this trip is we brought our kids. The four year old took ski lessons and the six year old took snowboarding lessons. They were absolutely exhausted after their lesson but still wanted to go swimming afterwards and still woke up bright and early the following morning ready for more.

Around TahoeAround Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is quite large and there are several mountains surrounding it. We stayed in South Tahoe next to the Heavenly Ski Resort which is the largest in the area.
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Heavenly 1

Day 1 - Heavenly
Day 1 at Heavenly. Warm and sunny and trying to find our way around the mountain.
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Heavenly 2Day 2 - Heavenly
Day 2 at Heavenly. A little colder, windier and a lot more painful. Lily, Mark and I took a class.
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Heavenly 3

Day 3 - Heavenly
Day 3 at Heavenly. Final day for Lily, myself and the kids. There were threats of strong winds and snow. It was windy up top and the Gondola closed but otherwise it was sunny and great.
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