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The Gulik Vacation '98

In the fall of 1988, my wife and I went to Poland for a vacation. Although I have family in Poland and wanted to see them, we were there primarily to explore the country.

Well, that we did. The first part of the experience was renting a car and finding our way around a foreign country. I speak a little Polish, so that wasn't too bad while we were there. But, we decided to venture into the Czech Republic to visit Prague (Praha) for a couple days, and that's where things got really interesting.

My family in Poland told me that since I speak Polish, I should have no trouble communicating in the Czech Republic as the two languages are very similar. Well, shortly after crossing the border, I realized I was in trouble when it took me several minutes to ask the woman behind the counter at a gas station where the restrooms where. Once in Prague, we had few troubles as finding someone that spoke English wasn't too hard, but when our rental car got a Denver Boot put on it because we accidentally parked in a space reserved for members of parliament, the fun began!

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Warszawa (Warsaw):
The birthplace of Frederic ChopinThe birthplace of Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) outside of Warszawa, Poland
Viewed: 3,889 times.

The Wilanów summer palaceThe Wilanów summer palace outside of Warszawa, Poland
Viewed: 1,652 times.
Royal Palace in Warszawa, PolandRoyal Palace in Warszawa, Poland 
Viewed: 2,213 times.

Kowalczyk Family in Warszawa, Poland - Password required

Jasna GóraJasna Góra, the site of the Black Madonna
Viewed: 2,337 times.

Kraków (Cracow):
Kraków around townKraków around town, including the Wawel castle and the Old Town 
Viewed: 1,316 times.

Auschwitz Concentration CampAuschwitz Concentration Camp in Oswięcim 
Viewed: 5,999 times.

Wieliczka Salt MineWieliczka Salt Mine 
Viewed: 3,140 times.

Gargul Family near Kraków, Poland - Password required
Gulik Family near Kraków, Poland - Password required

Czech Republic:
Praha (Prague):
The Castle in PragueThe Castle in Prague 
Viewed: 1,790 times.

The Old Town section of PragueThe Old Town section of Prague 
Viewed: 2,360 times.

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The Gulik Vacation '98
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29-Jul-2005 08:07
hello my name is marcin gulik i come from poland of gdansk
Małgorzata Niedbalska Familienname Gulik
13-Dec-2004 06:50
 Der Opa  Stefan Gulik  (1900-1945 ) ,mein Vater- Lech Gulik 1938  und Alina Gulik  meine Schwester.Bist du  unser  Onkel?Gruss aus Polen!

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