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Timber Ridge Timber Ridge : Gobles, Michigan : Trip Report

Timber Ridge

More practice before the big trip. Timber Ridge was ok. We chose this mountain based on a recommendation of a friend of a friend and it was a short 2.5 hour drive from Chicago. The drive up was a lot more pleasant than the one to the upper peninsula but the mountain wasn't nearly as nice.

The first thing was the mountain wasn't very big at all, it was probably even smaller than Cascade. There were several green runs, a couple blues but only one very short black diamond run. The snow was pretty good on Saturday since it was overcast all day. It snowed quite a bit on Saturday night but Sunday was sunny. Since it was well above freezing the snow was all slushy in the early part of the day but as the sun started to set the slushy snow started to get icy. After I had a good fall after sliding on the ice then catching the wrong edge and falling hard on my back I decided I'd had enough for the weekend.

We're definitely improving. Lily wasn't falling that much and was even getting off the lift most times without falling. The only time I fell getting off the lift was to avoid hitting someone who stopped too close to it. Once again I tried jumps but the snow was hard and falling hurt so I cut that out pretty quick. Instead I spent most of my time practicing swapping between regular and fakey as well as trying to pick up more speed. Mark and I did the black diamond several times. There was one large icy patch right at the top that I wasn't able to avoid but that was the only part I had any trouble with. I was able to transition quickly and cleanly otherwise.

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The before picture of the gang.
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Wow, this place is small.
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The entrance and ski rental building.
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Our first view of the hill. The black diamond is to the right of the lifts.
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Mark and Ling preparing for their first run down.
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Lily giving free advertising while strapping in.
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Ling wipes out.
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Ling followed by Lily on the green run.
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Here they are again.
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Lily showing off.
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Mark about to try the Hemlock run.
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Wow, that's pretty steep.
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They stay open late and we stayed well past sunset.
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The next day was bright and sunny.
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Ski boots can be such a pain sometimes.
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Here comes Mark down the warmup green run.
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Then Ling followed shortly.
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Then Lily comes to a stop near me.
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More showing off.
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The rest of the gang waiting up for me.
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Lily comes down one of the more difficult runs.
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Finally a picture of me doing the Oak run.
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I almost lose it but manage to stay upright.
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Then I come to a stop by Lily.
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Continuing down the mountain.
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Here comes Mark.
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Mark's only fall on Hemlock.
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Here are some quick clips taken using the goofy video feature of my camera. There are clips of Lily doing some "high speed" runs as well as Mark showing off and Ling falling. Ling claims the fall was deliberate for the camera. I'm not so sure. Hee hee...
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