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Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: Trip Report
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Continuing our trend of "less than glamorous" vacations we took the kids back to the Wisconsin Dells for a quick weekend getaway.

This time we made it a shorter trip and we had a smaller group so we got a Villa instead of the awesome cabin we had last time. It still had more than enough room for the 4 adults and 2 kids in our party but the finishes weren't nearly as nice, the kitchen wasn't as well equiped but worst of all the Villas don't have high speed Internet!!

Boy, did the Wilderness Resort change in the 10 months since we were last there. The Great Wave is now covered. The big funnel ride is now covered, and not just covered but made easier. Last year the riders had to grab a cloverleaf shaped tube at the ground floor then walk up about 5 flights of stairs. Now, in true American fashion it's been improved. The tubes are now pulled upstairs by a giant conveyor belt-like contraption so the riders just have to walk themselves up to the top where the employee pulls the tube off the conveyor and puts in the water for you then you just hop in and go. My prediction: next year they put in an elevator or escalator to remove that last bit of potential exercise.

The only other thing we did was visit the Deer Park again. My kids remembered the last visit and have asked when we will visit "Bambi in the Dells" any time they saw a forest. It's still wholesome family fun and a good time.

Wilderness ResortWilderness Resort
Back to the Wilderness but this time we stayed at a Villa which is right behind the wave pool.
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Wisconsin Deer ParkWisconsin Deer Park
Among the hundreds of attractions in the Wisconsin Dells one of the few that has stood the test of time is Wisconsin Deer Park. This is an attraction that I remember when I was a kid and now I'm taking my kids there.
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