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Miami Beach, Florida: Trip Report
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It's hurricane season in Florida but it's even hotter in Chicago so we packed up the family and brought them down again to South Beach. Despite the "season" the weather was usually pretty decent. It's hotter and rains more than during the peak season in Winter but it's not that bad. Just spend as much time around the pool or at the beach as possible. But most importantly, don't attempt to drive anywhere without working A/C in your car.

Lion Country SafariLion Country Safari
We had an errand in Palm Beach so we took the kids to Lion Country Safari since we were going to be there anyway.
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Miami Children's MuseumMiami Children's Museum
A great place for kids to spend a day or even a week at camp. The kids loved it and couldn't get enough of it. The parents liked it because it was a mere 5 minute drive from South Beach.
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Parrot Jungle IslandParrot Jungle Island
One of the most convenient attractions is Parrot Jungle Island. Sharing an island with the Children's Museum it's conveniently located on the Causeway between mainland Miami and Miami Beach.
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