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Cancún, Mexico: Trip Report
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Fifth Spring Break with the Tans. This time we didn't have much appetite for anything too exotic so we went to Cancún, where the kids could do some good easy diving and Vince can golf. There is also plenty of other things to do as well including dining, night life and of course touring.

We found a pretty good deal at the Westin Lagunamar which is centrally located. Down the street was a grocery store, which made my kids happy they could stock up on snacks. It's also across the street from a super high end mall, which made Feli happy. Next door to that was another mall with some great restaurants, including our favorite La Parilla, which made all of us happy.

We did go into the main entertainment area and we're glad we didn't stay anywhere near there since it's so crowded and noisy. Plus you can step a couple feet without being hounded.

Speaking of being hounded, Cancún was the worst when it comes to needing to avoid being ripped off. It started at the airport as you were leaving someone asked if we had a ride arranged and I said yes, so the guy directs us to the side, which we assumed was to check in for our ride, but it really was just someone trying to sell us tours. That got repeated constantly. In almost every case the tours are overpriced and negotiable. The first offer is generally a rip-off, you can probably get it for half the initial quote and STILL overpay. It got really annoying and because of that I'm very unlikely to go back to Cancún.

Around the Westin Lagunamar

Around the Westin Lagunamar
The very nice Westin Lagunamar and the cool stuff nearby.
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Scuba Diving - Day 1

Scuba Diving - Day 1 Diving
First day of pretty good scuba diving in the Cancun area. This was our easy shallow day visiting the Underwater Museum.
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Scuba Diving - Day 2

Scuba Diving - Day 2 Diving
2nd day of scuba was closer in and a little deeper and definitely more fish life. Good stuff but the visibility wasn't great.
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Scuba Diving - Day 3

Scuba Diving - Day 3 Diving
Final day of diving was a trip down south to Dos Ojos to do some amazing cenote diving.
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Tulum and Snorkeling

Tulum and Snorkeling 
First day of touring with the Tans. We visited the cool Mayan ruins in Tulum then did some snorkeling nearby.
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Chichen Itza and Ik Kil Cenote

Chichen Itza and Ik Kil Cenote 
Last full day in Cancun. We did the long but easy drive to Chichen Itza early in the morning beating most of the crowds. Then we had a quick lunch and when to Cenote Ik Kil for swimming, again beating the crowds.
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